the last paragraph

“Modern married women do not fare better in life than their single counterparts. Married women in America do not live longer than single women; married women do not accumulate as much wealth as single women; married women do not thrive in their careers to the extent single women do; married women are significantly less healthy than single women; married women are more lightly to suffer from depression than single women; and married women are more likely to die a violent death than single women….

“All this adds up to what puzzled sociologists call the “Marriage Benefit Imbalance”

“Now before we all lie down under our desks and weep — which is what this conclusion makes me want to do — I must assure everyone that the situation is getting better. As the years go by and more women become autonomous, the Marriage Benefit Imbalance diminishes, and there are some factors that can narrow this inequity considerably. The more education a married women has, the more money she earns, the later in life she marries, the fewer children she bears, and the more help her husband offers with household chores, the better her quality of life in marriage will be. If there was ever a good moment in Western history, then, for a woman to become a wife, this would probably be it.

“If you are advising your daughter on her future, and you want her to be a happy adult someday, then you might want to encourage her to finish her schooling, delay marriage for as long as possible, earn her own living, limit the number of children she has, and find a man who doesn’t mind cleaning the bathtub. Then your daughter may have a chance at leading a life that is nearly as healthy and wealthy and happy as her future husband’s life will be.”

— Elizabeth Gilbert Committed —